March 23rd 2012 / Recipes

Recipe: Quick and easy Tiramisu

Love coffee? Yup, thought so. Love puddings? Okey dokey then, let’s put the two together and have double the fun. Tiramisu is not just for fancy Italian restaurants. And with a recipe this simple you don’t need to buy ready-made versions from the supermarkets. So, here we go, with easy peasy, quick-as-you-like Tiramisu! It’s just like making a creamy, coffee-flavoured, cake sandwich really…

March 15th 2012 / Celebrations

Mother’s Day: all you need to know

Sunday 18th is Mother’s Day and should be writ large in your calendar and your consciousness. First of all, you really shouldn’t be forgetting your own mummy on such an occasion. It is, after all, the perfect opportunity to say thank you for all the nappy-changing, nose-wiping, hand-holding and general mumsiness that she has supplied all these years. And yes, that includes the annoying stuff; it shows she cares!

Fast muscle growth!

March 13th 2012 / Fairtrade

Fairtrade favourites

As you (should) know by now, it’s just been Fairtrade Fortnight (keep up at the back!) and here at Fair Instant Towers we’ve been looking at how we can support this event after the event, so to speak. It’s worth remembering that, as well as having a cup of steaming Fair Instant, there are lots of other ways you can indulge with an easy conscience.

March 2nd 2012 / Fairtrade

Fairtrade – a handy little recap

The name’s a bit of a giveaway but as you’ve probably guessed, Fair Instant is an instant coffee that carries the Fairtrade mark. These days we almost take it for granted that most good coffees are Fairtrade but it's still nice to know that as well as helping Save the Children, our coffee has been traded fairly too.

February 28th 2012 / Save the Children

Why Save the Children?

So you do know that when you buy a jar of Fair Instant, we donate 10p to Save the Children, don’t you? But why this charity in particular? After all, there are thousands of worthy causes out there. Well, it kind of makes sense when you think about where coffee is grown. Here’s a clue: it’s often in the poorest areas of the world, where children are the most vulnerable.

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