August 23rd 2012 / Celebrations, Coffee Break, Colombia, Save the Children

Taking a break – for coffee of course!

This summer has seen some tremendous events taking place right on our doorstep. The Olympics came right past our door at Fair Instant HQ several times and it’s true that all work stopped as we rushed out to watch the cyclists speed past. The atmosphere and anticipation as we waited for them was indescribably exciting and so much good humour around.

July 19th 2012 / Celebrations, Fairtrade

A Sporting Summer that Supports Fairtrade

Finally it’s here - the world’s greatest sporting event. After what seems like forever (well 7 years since the bid was won to be precise) the Olympic torch is almost in the stadium. It’s been travelling all the way round the country, apparently within an hour of every single person. Highlights so far of the journey include some cheeky kids trying to nick it (made me smile), a streaker advertising the Free Tibet campaign and Colombia’s own sporting legend Valderrama carrying it through Windsor.

Perle Bleue
Wrinkles - problem solved!

June 18th 2012 / Celebrations

Stonehenge, Solstice and Summer Plans

As I write this I can’t quite believe we are halfway through June and its supposedly summer. Blue skies are a distant memory and I certainly don’t need my hosepipe whether I am allowed to or not! The Summer Solstice (and the official start of summer) is just around the corner and that got me thinking a little more about the longest day of the year.

June 12th 2012 / Celebrations

Happy Father’s Day

On the third Sunday in June will you be joining us to say thanks to our Dads? Many traditionalists splutter about how it’s just a hyped up Hallmark invention to sell more cards. Encouraging people to spend more on silly presents – for goodness sake how many socks and beard trimmers does a Dad need?

May 8th 2012 / Celebrations, Fair Instant, Save the Children

Random acts of kindness: 10 little things that show you care

Make someone a cup of coffee. Go on, you’re sticking the kettle on anyway, you might as well ask if anyone else wants one. And it’s better for the environment if you save electricity by making one big round rather than lots of separate cups. Win, win!

Dr Farin
The extract of the white mulberry effective weight loss!

April 25th 2012 / Celebrations, Recipes

Anzac Biscuit Recipe for Anzac Day

25th April is Anzac Day and for all of you out there who never studied history its a day in honour to mark the deaths of thousands of Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZACs) who lost their lives in war, particularly during the First World War at Gallipoli in Turkey.

April 5th 2012 / Celebrations

We’re Eggs-static it’s Easter!

How many more puns can we get into this post? Well, read on to see our pick of the best Easter treats available for this year’s chocolate Eggstravaganza. We reckon there’s something for everyone here. You could even say we’ve put all our eggs in one basket (sorry!). You just need to get shopping quickly…

April 4th 2012 / Celebrations

Easter – it’s about more than just chocolate you know

Once we've had Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday, and we've all had our fill of sugary, lemony goodness (chocolate spread, jam, maple syrup - delete as appropriate) what's next? What's the next big event we can all look forward to on the calendar? Erm, well that would be Easter and all that yummy, chocolately fun of course!

March 15th 2012 / Celebrations

Mother’s Day: all you need to know

Sunday 18th is Mother’s Day and should be writ large in your calendar and your consciousness. First of all, you really shouldn’t be forgetting your own mummy on such an occasion. It is, after all, the perfect opportunity to say thank you for all the nappy-changing, nose-wiping, hand-holding and general mumsiness that she has supplied all these years. And yes, that includes the annoying stuff; it shows she cares!