August 23rd 2012 / Celebrations, Coffee Break, Colombia, Save the Children

Taking a break – for coffee of course!

This summer has seen some tremendous events taking place right on our doorstep. The Olympics came right past our door at Fair Instant HQ several times and it’s true that all work stopped as we rushed out to watch the cyclists speed past. The atmosphere and anticipation as we waited for them was indescribably exciting and so much good humour around.

August 9th 2012 / Colombia, Fair Instant, Save the Children

Feedback from Save the Children. What Buying Fair Instant Really Delivers

It’s been a while since we reported back to you on the sterling work carried out on our behalf by Save the Children.

We like to remind you every so often that buying Fair Instant doesn’t just deliver you a fine cup of instant coffee but that it also directly helps the coffee growing communities in Colombia, from where we buy much of our coffee beans.

For every jar you buy we donate 10p to Save the Children. It might not sound a lot but it can quickly add up. So far together we’ve raised over £550,000 and that’s not bad by anybody’s standards.

April 30th 2012 / Colombia, Fair Instant, Fairtrade, Save the Children

Helping Save the Children to change children’s lives: Yeferson’s* story

As you know, for every jar of Fair Instant sold, we donate 10p to the charity Save the Children. It may sound like a drop in the ocean but all those pennies add up and it’s just one simple way to give something back, while enjoying your daily mug of coffee. So here’s another example of how, with your help, Save the Children has made a difference.

April 17th 2012 / Colombia, Fair Instant, Save the Children

One boy’s story: how Save the Children is helping Oscar and his community

You probably know that Save the Children is a charity that does great work, helping less fortunate children in impoverished or war-torn areas around the world. You should also know that for every jar of Fair Instant sold, 10p is donated to Save the Children.

From today, happiness will be with you!

March 28th 2012 / Colombia, Fair Instant, Fairtrade

Our man in Colombia – an update from our coffee growers

After the hullabaloo of Fairtrade Fortnight, let’s not let the dust settle or the grass grow too much under our feet. After all, we should support Fairtrade all year round. Want to know why exactly? Well, here’s an update from our Colombian coffee growers that gives you the real nitty-gritty, including the challenges they face and why Fairtrade is so important for them.