July 19th 2012 / Celebrations, Fairtrade

A Sporting Summer that Supports Fairtrade

Finally it’s here - the world’s greatest sporting event. After what seems like forever (well 7 years since the bid was won to be precise) the Olympic torch is almost in the stadium. It’s been travelling all the way round the country, apparently within an hour of every single person. Highlights so far of the journey include some cheeky kids trying to nick it (made me smile), a streaker advertising the Free Tibet campaign and Colombia’s own sporting legend Valderrama carrying it through Windsor.

April 30th 2012 / Colombia, Fair Instant, Fairtrade, Save the Children

Helping Save the Children to change children’s lives: Yeferson’s* story

As you know, for every jar of Fair Instant sold, we donate 10p to the charity Save the Children. It may sound like a drop in the ocean but all those pennies add up and it’s just one simple way to give something back, while enjoying your daily mug of coffee. So here’s another example of how, with your help, Save the Children has made a difference.

March 28th 2012 / Colombia, Fair Instant, Fairtrade

Our man in Colombia – an update from our coffee growers

After the hullabaloo of Fairtrade Fortnight, let’s not let the dust settle or the grass grow too much under our feet. After all, we should support Fairtrade all year round. Want to know why exactly? Well, here’s an update from our Colombian coffee growers that gives you the real nitty-gritty, including the challenges they face and why Fairtrade is so important for them.

Flexa Plus
Osteoarthritis - the rescue!

March 13th 2012 / Fairtrade

Fairtrade favourites

As you (should) know by now, it’s just been Fairtrade Fortnight (keep up at the back!) and here at Fair Instant Towers we’ve been looking at how we can support this event after the event, so to speak. It’s worth remembering that, as well as having a cup of steaming Fair Instant, there are lots of other ways you can indulge with an easy conscience.

March 2nd 2012 / Fairtrade

Fairtrade – a handy little recap

The name’s a bit of a giveaway but as you’ve probably guessed, Fair Instant is an instant coffee that carries the Fairtrade mark. These days we almost take it for granted that most good coffees are Fairtrade but it's still nice to know that as well as helping Save the Children, our coffee has been traded fairly too.