August 7th 2012 / Fair Instant, Recipes

Recipe idea: Mocha steak with Miso sauce

Thought coffee could only be used in baking? Well, think again. Coffee (like chocolate) can also be used to great effect as an ingredient and flavour in savoury dishes too. This recipe was developed by Tim Anderson (of Masterchef fame no less) and it gives steak with a creamy mushroom sauce an unusual twist by using coffee and chocolate flavours. It may sound funny, but we reckon it’s worth giving it a go (and will make a nice change from fish fingers again).

March 23rd 2012 / Recipes

Recipe: Quick and easy Tiramisu

Love coffee? Yup, thought so. Love puddings? Okey dokey then, let’s put the two together and have double the fun. Tiramisu is not just for fancy Italian restaurants. And with a recipe this simple you don’t need to buy ready-made versions from the supermarkets. So, here we go, with easy peasy, quick-as-you-like Tiramisu! It’s just like making a creamy, coffee-flavoured, cake sandwich really…

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