March 13th 2012 / Fairtrade

Fairtrade favourites

As you (should) know by now, it’s just been Fairtrade Fortnight (keep up at the back!) and here at Fair Instant Towers we’ve been looking at how we can support this event after the event, so to speak. It’s worth remembering that, as well as having a cup of steaming Fair Instant, there are lots of other ways you can indulge with an easy conscience. So to show how much we love you, here’s our round-up of some of our favourite Fairtrade products on the market. Go on, spoil yourself and support Fairtrade Fortnight while you’re at it.

People Tree

Fairtrade fashion with a capital F! Not only are there designer collections by Emma Watson and Orla Kiehly, there’s also beautiful jewellery and accessories plus ranges for men and kids. We like!

Lush Fairtrade foot lotion

We love the fun and funky handmade skincare products at Lush but did you know they have been perfecting their Fairtrade Foot Lotion for nearly twenty years? As well as other ingredients to sooth tired, sore trotters, it contains Fairtrade cocoa butter.


One of our favourite places to shop for homewares and furniture, you can always find something cool, cute or quirky here so it’s a great place to find individual gifts for birthdays and Christmas.

Kankusta Duo
Know the Strength of active ingredients in the fight against obesity!


We love this Sussex-based company that sells clothing and accessories for men, women and children from organic fair-trade cotton in classic, cool styles. Check out the homewares textiles too.

Green & Black’s

Okay people, let’s talk chocolate. Like coffee, there are quite a few chocolate brands that are now certified Fairtrade. For us, the mamma of all chocolates is Green & Black’s, not only because it tastes like proper chocolate should but its Maya Gold brand earned it the UK's first Fairtrade mark for a chocolate product.

Second prize goes to Divine, which offers a fab range of products, tastes blummin’ lovely and you can pop some in your basket if you’re shopping at Oxfam, which helps another worthy cause.


These are colourful, feminine clothes with an ethnic twist. As well as a classic collection, there’s a great Boutique offer for something a bit different. The boys also get a look in.

Neal’s Yard Remedies

Ooh those posh blue bottles and lovely botanical extracts; Neal’s Yard Remedies are seriously luxe but worth the splurge, especially if you go for one of their Fairtrade products. We love the sound of their Sensual Jasmine Body Cream.

Grey Blocker
The end of graying hair!

Bubble and Balm

If you’re really serious about Fairtrade body care, then have a gander at Bubble and Balm. You might not know this name but would you believe it was one of the first companies in the UK to offer Fairtrade certified body care products, and the first '100% Fairtrade' UK bodycare company (the first to achieve certification across all products)? So now you know!

Little Green Radicals

Alright, so these clothes are for the little people in your life, but they are seriously cute and it’s good to get them educated early in the ways of living a more ethical life. We just wish they came in adult sizes.

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream

Oh yes, if you’re going to dive head first into a tub of ice cream, let it be one that is not only delish but assuages your guilty conscience with the knowledge that it’s ethical credentials are as good as it tastes. In 2006, Ben & Jerry’s launched the world's first ever Fairtrade vanilla ice cream. As of 2012, every ingredient in every ice cream they make that can be Fairtrade certified, is. Hoo-rah, grab a spoon!

What are your favourite Fairtrade products? Have we missed any complete corkers? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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