August 9th 2012 / Colombia, Fair Instant, Save the Children

Feedback from Save the Children. What Buying Fair Instant Really Delivers

It’s been a while since we reported back to you on the sterling work carried out on our behalf by Save the Children.

We like to remind you every so often that buying Fair Instant doesn’t just deliver you a fine cup of instant coffee but that it also directly helps the coffee growing communities in Colombia, from where we buy much of our coffee beans.

For every jar you buy we donate 10p to Save the Children. It might not sound a lot but it can quickly add up. So far together we’ve raised over £550,000 and that’s not bad by anybody’s standards.

But what does that actually mean?

This year Save the Children and Fair Instant have been working to transform the life chances of thousands of children in the coffee-growing, conflict-affected Nariño province. The results of this work have been spectacular, and we have beaten many of our already ambitious targets. Together, we have given teachers the skills to make their classes more engaging, to defend child rights and to coach students through their exams. We’ve also been helping children get their voices heard and to make changes in their communities.

Teacher Training

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We have trained 126 teachers to improve their communication skills, including reading, writing, speaking and interaction with teachers and other students, helping to improve the education of 2,500 children in the coffee growing regions of Nariño. This has been particularly successful, with the local government adopting the teacher training approach across the municipalities, reaching thousands more children.

We have also trained 41 teachers from nine schools to improve gender and sexual diversity in schools. The workshops gave teachers the theoretical guidelines and practical tools with which to improve gender and sexual diversity within the classroom – in particular giving girls a greater chance of learning, participating and reaching their potential.

We trained 30 teachers on children’s rights in four schools – essential to transforming the attitudes of teachers to the wellbeing of the most vulnerable children, many of whom are discriminated against for being displaced, poor, or from ethnic minorities (indigenous or afro-Colombian)

In addition we have 25 trained teachers in nine schools in the national evaluation standards, curriculum contents and methodology used in national state tests.


Student training

We have trained 118 children on the use of media to promote peace and advocate for the issues important to them. In Samaniego, students in two schools set up radio stations related to school life, and in

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Policarpa students have established a weekly programme on their local radio station to get their message across.

We have trained 326 students in life skills, working closely with the government’s technical and vocational education agency. This has helped ensure the life skills courses were relevant, covering areas including agricultural production and sustainable livelihoods for youth.

We have trained 84 students (39 boys and 45 girls) and 24 teachers in Golombioa  (a football game which promotes peaceful coexistence).


Parent Training

We trained 60 parents in particularly vulnerable or difficult situations in positive parenting skills, helping to promote positive conflict resolution and helping them to support their children’s education

A huge thank you goes out to you all but please don’t forget that without your support none of this would have happened. So give yourselves a big pat on the back – and maybe encourage your friends to buy Fair Instant next time they shop.


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