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August 20th 2012 / Fair Instant, Fairtrade, Save the Children

In their own words: Tatiana’s story

I know that we like to remind you to keep buying Fair Instant as it supports the work of Save the Children. Our view is that if you like coffee then you might as well buy coffee that comes with a heart and a conscious. And in our view the best you can buy is Fair Instant.

But you don’t just have to take our word for it. Every few months Save the Children send us reports to show where our money has been spent and this includes personal tales from real people.

We might have changed their names for their own safety but the stories are true. So instead of us telling you to buy our coffee, why not read what a difference our partnership with Save the Children makes on real people?

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Tatiana’s story

“My name is Tatiana Legarda and I’m 15 years old. I was born in Bolivar, Cauca where I lived for three years, but we had to leave to Putumayo because of economic difficulties. After seven years there we were displaced by the guerrilla and we arrived in Samaniego, Nariño. My town has beautiful landscapes, the beauty of the rivers and springs surround the people in unforgettable trips. My family is made up of my mother and my seven-year-old brother. My father was killed by the police 12 years ago. The armed groups took over the Samaniego and it is therefore considered a ‘red zone’ because of confrontations with armed groups and bombings. There are a lot of deaths and threats and unfortunately the situation has become normal for all youth in the town.

I am in tenth grade in Salavarrieta School and for the last year I’ve been part of the PACO group. PACO is a group of children and young people [supported by Save the Children and FAIR INSTANT] that seek to be listened to in our municipality through radio and TV. We talk about violence prevention, children’s rights and education. We try to convince people in Samaniego about the importance of protecting children in a violent context.

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Save the Children’s project has been very significant for all of us. It has taught boys, girls and youth to participate in activities and understand the importance of education. It has prevented children and youth falling into drug addiction, illegal activities and armed conflict – showing us what we can accomplish. Another good thing about Save the Children has been training teachers, since lessons have improved and are more active. Students have been given options to participate in workshops, recreational activities and in these PACO groups.”




Save the Children is a registered charity England and Wales (213890) Scotland (SC039570)

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