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Mother’s Day: all you need to know

Sunday 18th is Mother’s Day and should be writ large in your calendar and your consciousness. First of all, you really shouldn’t be forgetting your own mummy on such an occasion. It is, after all, the perfect opportunity to say thank you for all the nappy-changing, nose-wiping, hand-holding and general mumsiness that she has supplied all these years. And yes, that includes the annoying stuff; it shows she cares!

If you’re also a mum yourself then you should have already done the groundwork with your nearest and dearest. No partner should be in any doubt that Mother’s Day starts with breakfast in bed (it should be the law really). And it really should involve the following: a tray, pretty flowers, cards (romantic one from him, tear-inducing homemade one from the kids). Don’t forget some breakfast. Burnt toast is only permitted if made specially by the little people and therefore ‘sweet’ rather than just ‘rubbish’. And, of course, it should include a nice cup of coffee. A cup of Fair Instant is easy enough but still yummy and it is a well known fact that anything consumed in bed tastes twice as good anyway.

If you really want to push the boat out, a well-chosen book makes the perfect gift. So, here’s our selection of lovely reads that you and/or your mum will love. Just make sure you’ve sent the relevant link to your other half.

Bioveliss Tabs
Losing weight has never been so effective!

Mary Berry’s Baking Bible

Ah the lovely Mary Berry (her off the Great British Bake-off on the telly). We can’t imagine anything she makes not tasting good. Your mum will probably be familiar with her work but why not treat her to the new and improved version of her baking manual or grab it for yourself and show her how it’s done.


The hand that first held mine – Maggie O’Farrell

A brilliant, award-winning novel that you’ll both enjoy. Two stories (one set in the present day, one in 1950s Soho, London) are cleverly woven together, dealing with the issues of life, love, motherhood and childhood.


Patch! - Cath Kidston

Learning to make patchwork quilts sounds like such a good idea but also hard work to us. This book, like the others in the Cath Kidston range, makes it a lot easier. Or you could just buy it for your mum and get her to make one for you (that’s what mums are for after all!).


Vintage fashion source book – Cleo and Mark Butterfield

The preparation for the muscle mass!

Whether you’re a vintage virgin or love your second-hand chic, this book provides some great inspiration and information for vintage fashionistas. We reckon your mum would love it too, providing a trip down memory lane as she revisits all her favourite looks.


Call the midwife: the true story of the East End in the 1950s – Jennifer Worth

This recent BBC drama, based on the memoirs of midwife Jennifer Worth, was a runaway success, finding favour with audiences of young and old. Well, the books are even better and guaranteed to make both you and your mum cry tears of sadness and laughter: win, win!


Kirstie Allsopp Craft

Love her or hate her, you can’t deny that Kirstie knows her crafts, making this book a great collection of makes that will introduce you or your mum to new hobbies as well as celebrating some of the older ones. Go on, try it; the Women’s Institute is the height of cool these days you know?


To all the mums out there: happy Mother’s day from us all at Fair Instant Towers.

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