March 20th 2012 / Coffee Break

Ten things to do during your morning coffee break

  1. Plan a family holiday. It’s always good to have a little shining beacon of hope radiating out from your calendar and often that’s a holiday or occasion to look forward to. It doesn’t have to cost a bomb either. Sometimes it’s better to be a tourist in your own town and spend the weekend visiting some of the attractions you often overlook. Pack a picnic to save money and don’t forget a flask of Fair Instant!
  1. Paint your nails. Even if the rest of you feels a bit of a physical wreck, having freshly painted nails can make a big difference. So, get a cup of Fair Instant on the go and while you wait for it to cool, grab some nail varnish (if you’re messy like me it will probably be conveniently located near the kettle along with keys, bills, hair slides, dog biscuits and postcards. I find a nice, bright pillar box red colour does wonders to lift the spirits (and certainly distracts from the fact I might need my roots doing).
  1. Feed the cat/dog/goldfish/chinchilla/whatever crazy pet your kids have talked you into purchasing. It will stop them whining and make you feel less guilty so you can enjoy your coffee break in peace. Two minutes later the goldfish might not remember it’s been fed but it’s the thought that counts.
Grey Blocker
The end of graying hair!

  1. Day dream about Daniel Craig. No time wasted there!
  1. Throw out those dead flowers. Nothing is more depressing than the sight of dead flowers (well, okay, child poverty is, but more on that later). There’s no point having a sneaky coffee break if you can’t be cheered by something pretty to look at. So take your coffee outside and see if there is anything budding in the garden. The same goes for your house plants. Fact: this is (nearly) as satisfying as peeling dried glue off your hands and old nail varnish.
  1. Send a sweet / kind / witty / flirty / cheeky text message to your five most favourite people. NB: one of these should ideally be to a parent and spouse/partner! Better still, spend five minutes actually talking to one of them. That’s right, remember when ‘phones were instruments of communication that involved interacting with someone and having a proper conversation? Fancy that!
Catch Me Patch Me
Weight loss patches!

  1. Give some thought to dinner. Yes, the eternal question that has troubled humanity for millennia: what to have for tea? At least if you formulate some vague plan in your head now, you can avoid the desperate, frazzled, knee-jerk reaction of something ready-made from the freezer department (again). That’s meant to be for emergencies really. Or, at the very least, you can take something out from the freezer now, so it will be defrosted in time, thereby making you feel slightly more organised (sort of).
  1. Write a list. Here at Fair Instant Towers, we love a good list (can you tell?). But often it’s the very act of writing things down that instantly makes you feel calmer. And that’s what a coffee break is for, after all. It could be any kind of list from the usual ‘To do’ variety to a ‘Hopes, wishes and dreams’ affair. Or, if you’re feeling a bit below par, try this. Write down the five things you are most grateful for. You will feel instantly better (and the coffee will have worked its magic by then too)!
  1. Do some pelvic floor exercises – you’ll be thankful one day!
  1.  Help someone less fortunate than yourself by giving to charity. Oh wait, you already have, by buying Fair Instant. That’s right, every jar bought donates 10p to Save the Children. Okay then, as you were, relax. You could polish your halo but that sounds a bit too much like housework to us. Feet up then!

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